I am a self proclaimed media ho, I like it all! No matter if it’s digital, film, fashion or family you name it I am in it! I love photos the most but I always enjoying learning new video skills be it capturing or aftereffect. I am also huge in web design and graphic work.  My only vice may be that I’m a high end addict! After five years of being a photo junkie I am on to the good stuff!  Chasing a real high I can only get from preforming at my very best by giving each project %110!

Many ask why bother in a digital age. Well, I believe that there is still more to the art of my craft than a simple Instagram filter can offer. More importantly it’s the life experiences that photography has shown me. The country boy of the small town I was raised may always be a part of me but now I have so much more. I realized over the years that a great deal of photography was being able to see the beauty within complexities and perspectives of others. That is a gift this profession has given me that money can’t buy! That’s part of the high that will always be worth chasing.



  • Several years professional experience.
  • The interest to render your vision and not my own.
  • Vast understanding of marketing targets.
  • Pricing that makes everyone happy and able to maintain a long lasting business relationships.


  • Photography
  • Photoshop
  • After Effects
  • Web Design
  • Networking


Why never branding myself helps me grow and you win!

What is my style? Diversity! As you can see I like to shoot everything. I do get what branding means. However, it is my philosophy that a photographer should be willing and capable to meet the needs of the client rather then force upon them their own interest. Also, I feel shooting in all these genres gives me a chance to learn a vast amount of techniques I’m often able to transfer from one genre to another. For those seeking an understanding of my brand I believe that you can begin to see it in my over all structure. Such as my deep love for comic style digital art or the recent emergence class as I dive into the world of high fashion imagery.

Media / Add Agencies / Publications / Modeling Companies / Business  / Fundraisers / Awards

Main Stream Media
  • MTV
  • Today Show
  • L.A. Ink
  • The Food Network
  • Doctor Oz
  • Discovery Channel

Ad Agencies
  • Martin Agency
  • Fire Starter
  • Yan Business Services
  • Rising Phenix

  • Hilton Hotels
  • One 80 Hair Salon
  • Adrenaline Auto Works
  • Sports Combat Center
  • InGlot Cosmetics
  • Executive Women’s Golf Assoc.
  • Bobalicous
  • Woodlake Swim & Racquet Club
  • Flip Flop Bitch
  • Lace By Tanya
  • BML Blackbird Theatrical
  • Dolisca Handbags
  • City Trends Clothing
  • Flames 231
  • Hat Factory
  • Mikasa LaCharles
Modeling Agencies
  • Fusion
  • APM Models
  • Re:Quest Models
  • Image
  • Cameo Models
  • Model Logic
  • Kim Alley Models
  • Aqua Models

Fundraising Organizations
  • Light The Night
  • Rock Out For Autism
  • Cure By Design
  • Unedited Cambodian Fundation

  • Vouge Italia
  • P.S.D.
  • Everything Girls Love
  • Ammo Man
  • Maxim
  • Stuff
  • FHM
  • American Curves
  • hMagazine
  • V Woman’s Magazine
  • River City
  • West End
  • Sports Digest
  • Deadly Desert

  • Vogue It. P. O. T. D.
  • MM P. O. T. D.
  • P.S.D.
  • Fantasy Photoshop

The philosophies and rules I live by.

Bring images to be from the ground up. This includes the phycological factors. A great capture doesn't come from skill, equipment, lighting and compositional understandings alone. In most case great images are caputred by an amazing level of communication between artist and subject. It is important to understand how we as photographers can use are projections and moods to alter or be mirrored by our subjects. Sometimes it takes a simple compliment to plant a seed. Other times it might not need a seed but more a spark or a stir! It is through this that the best photographers can be separated from those just getting started.

  1. The real job starts from the inside out.
  2. Strive be on time & punctual.
  3. When the work speaks to you, listen! Don't control.
  4. Always look to maintain professionalism and respect.

Personal Study / Seminars / Formal Schooling

I have spent the most of my love and passion in this industry studying the best photographers in our area! I also spend a great deal of time learning about makeup, hair, styling and clothing designs so that I can be more knowledgeable about the needs of the client and partners that I work with!

Fashion / Purposeful Meaning

I am currently working toward obtaining publications in at least 6 internationally recognized high fashion magazines. My first step will be test shooting with the best Fashion Model Agencies NYC has to offer come spring of 2014! Also in the interest in obtaining that goal will be to network with local NYC area fashion designers. So ask you please if you are reading this and you are a stylist, designer, modeling agency or just know those worth passing me along to then I would be ever grateful for you to contact me about the chance of collaborations today!

Social Media / Industry Events

As technology and social interest products continue to grow we will find ourselves in a ever changing and faster pacing society then the years before. The job for me and others like myself will be to find the answers of how to obtain success while being overwhelmed by a constant change in social media platforms. To combat this I take the time to read articles, visit seminars and attend social media meetings held at some of the marketing and branding firms I have created images for. I also take a strong interest in attending industry related events where I can still engage in my networking interest the old fashion way by shaking hands and handing out business cards. All I can tell you is that the formula for success is about as tangible in our period of time as the thoughts of our minds. We must be prepare to flow with and accept new change at a moments notice!



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Satisfied Customers


Magazine Publications


International Photo Awards