Modeling For My Personal Digital Downloads Calendars & More.

Sadly I must say that as I grow as a photographer I am forced to offer less and less opportunity for trades with most models. This is primarily because my schedule is over field with paid work which I was having to place before unpaid shoots.  I may not be the greatest photographer out there but I am still a business and I wish to conduct myself professional as such.  However the creative part of me does love to create fun cool images from all the inspirations I am constantly coming across. So when I do find the time I do look to select certain models that are fitting for a particular vision. In most cases these projects will involve the creation of digital wallpapers, tutorials, calendars and any other various media formats I may possible be able to see a small return from. As far as copyrights as you may know photographers naturally hold the copy rights to everything they shot. But for the sake of maintaing a fair trade I am also wiling to provide model release forms that allow the models to sell the images just as I am or by any other means they see fit.  So if you are a model that is looking to work with me and you think you have a great look that may help me sell digital products or prints please feel free to contact me with your ideas and a link to your portfolio.

Thank you,

Corey Daniels