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These packages are geared to creating the dream wedding photos for fun creative sophisticated couples. Several years from this day you may have a faint memory of the stale cake from the freezer on your first years anniversary. You might still have a beautiful dress collecting a moth ball smell wrapped in plastic. Perhaps you will still be enjoying some silverware and a toaster from your sweet aunt June. But when it comes to memories, the one sure thing that will keep all the warmth, love and happiness of that day alive is found in the photos. Be sure to chose a photographer that can see that and make sure your life tomorrow is just as rich and full of love as the one you have today.

Family Photos

There are always reasons to record and document moments in time with great photos, whether its kids and family, a growing baby belly, an engagement, senior year of high school, a birthday, or a host of other reasons. My approach is fun, not too serious, laid back and not over the top. I want the photos to be as autobiographical as possible, so I'm open to your ideas, thoughts, and preferences. Tell me where you'd like the photos done, whether its your home, a studio, a family farm, a place you frequent, or just a place you like visually. Feel free to plan for outfit changes, include pets or props - basically whatever we can shoot during the allotted time is fine by me.

Food & Product

You may find it amazing the difference a little light can make. Be sure to display your food, product or services in the same manner of light you hold for them in your own mind. I have a great deal of experience in shooting food and product for large print magazines and several marketing companies. So, you can be sure that your food or product can fit the resolution and quality needed to catch the eyes of your future customers. I also take great enjoyment in the excitement and freshness of new and unique assignments which I can produce images to further people business or projects and brings new growth and experience for so many others.


For me I feel that the most important thing in head shots is not as simple as obtaining technically proficient photographs. That’s why priority one is making sure your expression rocks! In a digital world most the rest becomes as simple as the push of a button. However, it is the expression and the way it relates to the compositions that can make all the difference and set you images apart from all the others. It is this philosophy that seems to keeps clients, agents and managers alike with high repeat and referral rates. You also may notice as you look over my rates I am often half the price of the others with a comparable body of work.

Graphics Designs

Give your company the winning edge! Science tells us that most the information we process is visual in fact it accounts for up to %90 of our communication with others. So it is with great importance that this is considered when clients are looking to ether brand their company or advertise a specific products or services. To ensure great results I am constantly learning more about made to stick visual advertising, trends in color theory, photoshop and illustrator techniques but more importantly the ability to listen to my customers interest in what they are looking to ask of or communicate to their customers.


Freshen up your portfolio with top quality professional images at a supper low rates! Stop TFP’ing yourself out of a potential career. TFP and paid shoots are always great but it is often crucial for a model to work with professional photographers with the necessary skills to provide you with outstanding photos is not helping your career. If a photographer doesn’t value the services he has to offer you it is often best to ask yourself why you should value what they have to offer?

About my Rates

After shooting for 5 years I began to notice how a hobbyist with a consumer digital camera shooting as a friend at friend rates can really bring confusion to proper market values. So before setting out on my mission to determine what is fair I found it necessary to define a standard which includes quality, experience, connections and resource. I then spent a great deal of time attending online and in person photography business seminars and a ton of google searches studying rates and packages in all aspects, not only the successful but also the ones that fail and why they do. I then sought out and cross-referenced my rates with creditable agencies such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics and several other organizations holding viable census data. After feeling I had a come to a comprehensive study I drafted my rates in easy to read concept delivering graphs which I was able showed to friends, family members and even the occasional colleague. I can be confident in telling you that the packages I'm offering my customers are able to ensure that all parties can walk away satisfied and know they are getting the most out of their investments. This means long lasting business relationships with the quality of product and service standards I revere.